State of Nine gear up for Fathers Day (sponsors)

RE-POSTED: This Free Shipping offer on orders over $39 ends at a minute to midnight on Monday, so get your Father’s Day orders (or pass them on to your kids) today.


If you need some ideas for your Saab driving Dad, State of Nine have got you covered:

State of Nine do Free Shipping on a large number of their products, too, so check ’em out.


A message from Dan at State of Nine……

Saab Enthusiasts Giving Back

I’ve always wanted to find a way to enable our catalog to give back to a charity or cause, but as you can imagine it is difficult to implement and manage. Saab enthusiasts experienced a miracle this winter and our favorite brand was saved from a destiny that so many forecasted and several other automotive brands recently met. We have a lot to be thankful for, so let us try to give back a little.

Last December, my 25 year old niece decided to resign from her promising career at Accenture to help run ““, a non-profit start-up in Philadelphia. Pretty courageous in this crazy economy (though maybe not as crazy as quitting a job to start a Saab Accessories company…) and obviously something that caught my family’s attention.

Recently, I caught up with Sandi (some of you may have met Sandi at the Detroit SOC) while she was in town to help set up the new Boston Chapter. I learned a lot about the charity and the incredible success this program has had in helping turn lives around. Their 55% success rate is unmatched in these types of programs. The stories are inspiring and I encourage you to read more on Simply put, it all starts by getting up and running with their team at 5:30 AM, three days a week.

With the launch of the Boston Chapter on May 24th we have a great excuse to jump in and give back! For every sale of our Classic “SAAB” Lapel Pins, State of Nine will donate $10.00 to We will ship you this classic pin, free within the USA, and we will contribute $10.00 to this cause. I hope we can contribute $1,000 or more and I will keep you updated on the total in upcoming newsletters.

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