Sunday Night Snippets

We get a delayed showing of Eurovision here in Oz, so I’ve just finished watching the various songs. I can see why the winner won (I won’t give it away just in case someone hasn’t seen yet) but they weren’t my favourite. That was Cyprus, followed by Georgia and Ukraine. I might even buy that Cypriot song.

Very good standard this year.

Now on to F1. Mark Webber FTW!!


Interesting use of the iFad here by Mercedes Benz.

A salesman carrying around a laptop would look rather awkward, but an iPad might be a good way of bringing some financial information and approval to the customer without having to drag them away from the car and into an office.

Electrotrolls – get busy!


I love it when this happens.

TTAC write story about Saab with smarmy denigrating headline. Readers disagree and say so in comments.

As it should be.

And seeing nothing’s going to come from it, I think it’s OK for me to say now that TTAC’s parent company in Canada recently expressed interest in buying Saabs United. So even if TTAC’s writers don’t see a future in the brand, their parent company does.

Discussions faltered as they decided to look more towards adding a more user-generated content site (i.e. they didn’t want to rely on me hanging around forever).


Lovers of classic Saab 900s should check out It’s a register for a model I wasn’t familiar with, the 900GT, which was a final edition similar to the commemorative editions in the US, except with tin tops.


I’ve got lots of work coming up this week, so please be patient. There’ll be lots to read with 9-5 reviews coming out, probably more towards the end of the week.

It should be an exciting time. I wonder if Hakan Matsson is there?

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