The other side of the US leasing story

I posted earlier today about concerns with leasing prices in the United States. Some of those lease figures in the post are indeed worrisome for some prospective purchaers, but there’s also some other things to consider.

First, the fact that that story looked only at one model without taking a look at other offers (it was the one that I had brought to my attention).

The following is a clipping of an ad that’s been appearing in some New York newspapers in the last few days. Click to enlarge.


Those numbers look a little closer to what people expect. The 9-3 2.0T is a pretty well equipped car. It’s the volume seller and that looks more like a volume seller price for this market.

Other things:

The zero-down prices offered by some of the premium Euro marques are tempting to many (which is what they’re supposed to be) and they result in a reasonable market share for them. BUT they also result in high default rates when conditions tighten up and the lessee who aspired to something really nice (but risky) can no longer afford what looked like a reasonable risk at the time.

There is a ‘want’ factor with Saabs for many Saab customers. I’m not suggesting that Saab are trying to cash in on that. I don’t think they would dare, nor even dare think they have that luxury. But personally speaking, if I was choosing between a Saab and something else at $100/mo the difference, I’d buy the Saab. If I couldn’t afford it, I’d hold on for another deal if my circumstances allowed.

Like I said in the first post on this issue, there’s a lot of structures in this new life for Saab that have to settle. Leasing, pricing and the market is examples of these. There’s no need to shout.

Thanks to Hugh for the clipping.

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