The Saab 9-5 launch, detailed by TTELA

The new Saab 9-5 will launch on Friday 28th May and TTELA has produced an article this morning outlining the launch activities.

I love this quote from Eric Geers:

We are launching a new car, but it is also an opportunity to launch ‘new Saab’

Whilst the media program will see around 250-260 journalists drive the car in the next few weeks, a total of 2,000 or more people will get to see/drive the car in total. This includes dealers from around the world and various VIP customers.

The Googletrans:

On Monday, Saab will receive the first group of journalists. During the two weeks since a total of 250 journalists, from many different countries, coming to Trollhättan to test drive the car.

They all receive a two-day program, where the first day test drive the car from Landvetter to Trollhättan through Sollebrunn.

Once in Trollhättan, Saab will have a more detailed presentation of the car and the new Saab with Spyker Cars as [owners].

– We have built a launch center in the plant, which has an view of the production area,” says Geers.

Day two continues the test runs, including at Volvo’s test track in Hällered outside Borås.

That starts on Monday. But the pre-program will start this Friday with various union and government representatives driving the new car. I guess you could call this a thankyou for their part in the company being sold earlier this year.

As mentioned, the journalist program runs from next Monday for two weeks, and then on June 14, the program switches to dealers and VIPs.

First deliveries are scheduled for just before Midsummer and the priority markets, as expected, will be the USA, Sweden and the UK. These are Saab’s big three markets.

Another great piece of work by Magnus Nordberg at TTELA.

Thanks to Marco for the link!

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