Thursday Snippets

Hi all,

The website’s upgrade preparation is pretty much complete now. Am just waiting for Andrew the IT guy to get a moment so he can flick the switch. The site might be offline for a little bit when it happens and it won’t look like a million dollars when it comes back online as there’ll be a few things I have to do.

But, given a few hours to work on things after the switch, all should be OK. You won’t see huge changes but there will be some tweaks and hopefully more enhancements should roll out over time.


Please feel free to go and vote on the Saab 900 featured in today’s installment of Nice Price or Crack Pipe, over at Jalopnik.

With nearly 3,000 votes lodged, it’s a clear lead to the ‘Nice Price’ option. It’s quite possibly a little overpriced, actually, but it’s a nice car and doesn’t deserve the Crack Pipe moniker.


CNET has a nice re-hash of a story that came up on Automotive News late last week.

Good reading.


This Viggen on auction at Ebay Australia has some damage to the gearbox and a blown headgasket, hence the current price of just $2,000.

I think the gearbox and headgasket problems are just a diversion, though. What they don’t tell you in the description is that you’ll also need new corneas after looking at that interior!!!!!


How the hell did that happen???

And it looks so sweet and innocent from the outside.

Thanks to AussieLars for the link.

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