Thursday Snippets – fired up edition

Sometimes you’ve got to bite your lip, but I’d love to burst a few boilers today. Unfortunately, I can’t do that without burning a few bridges that must stay intact. But I’ll be watching.


My adversarial frame of mine is not helped by the Saab 9000 running on only three cylinders that currently occupies our driveway. If it was the Monte I could sweat it out as I have a spare car. But it’s the car that’s driven by the Mrs – the only auto transmission in the fleet – so we have to hope for a cheap fix or consider our options.

We were really hoping this car would see us through the next 18 months, during which we hope to pay off our home and thereby expand our options a bit.


Toyota executive blasts Formula One, calling it ‘elitist’. Hmph. Tell us something we don’t already know. It has to be elitist. That’s what being the premiere racing formula in the world is all about.

I bet he wouldn’t be so down on it IF TOYOTA ACTUALLY MANAGED TO WIN SOMETHING during their lame duck tilt at the sport.


A few may get annoyed at me for saying this, but this article at Jalopnik is wrong in so many ways. It’s talking about one guy and rallying:

It is 2003, and a 19-year-old named Travis is about to climb into a rally car for his first real test. What follows will change the sport forever.

Change the sport forever? Talk about premature congratulions.

What happened might have changed American rallying for some time (we’ll see) but it ain’t a pimple on the hairy buttock of world rallying.

Kudos to Ken Block for having at least having a crack at the big time, but all the marketing savvy in the world hasn’t amounted to a single championship point for him in the 2010 WRC so far, which goes to show that just because you look good in print or on video, it doesn’t mean you are good.

This guy being the fresh face of American rallying and thereby changing the sport forever? Get over yourselves.

Thankfully, people in comments see things the same way.


Is it just me, or are Volkswagen aiming to be the 1950’s GM of the German market for the teenies (i.e the 2000-and-teens)?

They’re swallowing up everything. They recently bought Porsche, who were trying to buy them. And now they’re thinking of buying out the Guigiaro design house, Italdesign.


I don’t want to be an “I told you so” type of guy, but I started ranting about the lack of a Saab diesel option in the US market back around 2006. They still don’t have one, largely because GM didn’t have access to an emissions-acceptable diesel engine program (mainly because they didn’t see it as worthwhile).

Audi see things differently, and as you’ll see here, they pose a few good reasons why Saab should be looking to get diesels into the US right now.


In a happier tone, Spyker are opening a new showroom in London.


A video about Tassie. May offend. Funny.


It’s about to happen again. The fourth major change to a website run by me. I could go AWOL for a few days whilst the mechanicals are sorted out, so please don’t be alarmed.

This is all aimed at adding more features that can make the site more pleasurable for you to use and more integrated with other forms of media you might be likely to make use of.

Add your wishes in comments.

I’m off to have a Bex and a good lie down.

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