US readers – your input on developing Saab’s market, please

Ever wanted to get in the ear of management? Here’s your opportunity.
I’ve received the following queries from a dealer in the US who’s working with a group to plan how Saab are going to get back on the map with the average consumer (read: Saab customer) in that market.
They’re interested in who you are, maybe your history with the brand and what they need to do to get someone like you back in the showroom.

  • What are your thoughts about Saab right now?
  • How can US Saab dealers get you in to start buying cars again?
  • Who should be Saab’s spokesperson be (if any) as they begin to grow the company again?
  • What do you think would be helpful in getting Saab back on the map?

Many of you will represent the typical customer so your thoughts could be quite handy as they map out the future of the company.
I’d ask you to keep your answers and ideas well thought out and achievable. We’re dealing with budgets and other resource constraints here. Things have to be on target. Exotic fingersnap solutions that look good on the printed screen but aren’t particularly executable won’t float too many boats, I’m afraid.
Put your thinking caps on and fire away…….

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