Video: SUHRT gets a Maptun upgrade

This one came as a pleasant surprise in my inbox today.

Jorgen from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team called in to Maptun and got a little work done to his summer car. Just like my mate John here in Hobart, he’s had his car tuned with the new Maptuner portable tuning device.

Cue the videos:




The special discount offer they were talking about is fully outlined here.

Short and sweet: Maptun are offering a 15% discount on all software upgrades and free shipping on your entire purchase (not just the software).

To claim the discount:

Head over to the Maptun website and check out the right tuning guide for your car. When you place an order, include the promotion code SU2010 in the order form. Your discount will be applied to the tuning software component of your order and your order will be placed.

The offer closes at the end of this month, so get in quick.

Note: I’m told there have been some difficulties processing some credit card orders. This was due to a setting on Maptun’s electronic processing system (it was set up as a fraud protection). That setting has been adjusted and those credit card transactions should now go through OK.

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