Where in the world Mille Miglia are Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson

The Day 1 live map from the Mille Miglia shows Jan-Ake Jonsson and Victor Muller both located in Cento, just a little bit north of Bologna (or Baloney if you’re from the US :-), where they’ll stop for the night.
A check of other vehicle numbers on the live map shows they’re all in the same area so it’s good to see the little Saab strokers staying with the pack.
One of our regular visitors here, named “Me”, seems to have been keeping an eye on things. He reports via comments:

It is quarter past one in the morning, VM and JAJ have just passed the control point at Cento, it seems like there were a lot of cars trying to pass that check point now as the both SAAB got stocked ther for more than half an hour. Now they have about 35 km till Bologna.
Tomorrow the first car leaving Bologna will do it at half past seven. I think they won’t have much sleep tonight.
In the ranking both cars are quite at the end of the list, it is a regularity classification and JAJ is always too fast. 😉

Etienne received a photo from one of the guys at Saabway, so it seems that some of them have met up with Victor already.
This is going to seem a little petty and pedantic, but why do Saab fans have to come to enthusiast websites to find out what’s going on at an event like the Mille Miglia, in which the company’s two top executives are both driving old 1957 Saabs?
I had hoped that we might get live nightly updates or at least a few photos from within the company but so far, the International Saab site is showing nothing, as is the Saab Newsroom.
it might seem like a small thing, but this is part of that extraordinary marketing opportunity we were talking about a few days ago. Not everyone will be interested in the story of the Mille Miglia by default, but a lot of people will be and that number would grow as VM and JAJ’s Mille Miglia story is told.
Live-blogging isn’t hard in 2010 and it creates a great opportunity for engagement with the public.
At least take us along for the ride. End rant.

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