White Saab 9-5 spotted in France

It turns out these cars get around a fair bit. Spain ain’t the only place where one of the Saab test vehicles has been out on the road.
One of mates from Holland, Nic S, was driving through France this weekend (in the black car with yellow plates, belonging to another SU frequenter, RobertP). After stopping for a brief call of nature (#1’s for those who are curious) Nic returned to the carpark to see it chocablock full of Saabs, including another the same white Saab 9-5 as EduSaab saw in Spain.
Early conversations with those present indicated that they were all part of a Swedish Saab Club out on a (rather long) drive. When Nic welcomed this news with a “Wow. I’m a member of the Dutch Saab Club board” the folks fessed up, indicating they were engineers doing more test miles on some engines.
Thanks to Nic for passing on the images. It’s great to see these cars out and about. Saab’s moving along………

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