A Viggen story

A few weeks ago, the New South Wales branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia held an event. I showed some photos of it last week.

One of the cars that wasn’t included in that group of photos was this beautiful red 900 Aero.

The car belongs to a guy named Wayne G and it’s currently up for sale. Wayne got in touch with the club about selling the car a few weeks before the club event and was subsequently invited to go along, which he did.

Last Friday I was in Sydney and as is normally the case, I caught up with a few of the Sydney Saab fraternity for dinner. Wayne was also invited along to that event and again, he brought along the red 900 for us all to ogle at. It really is quite a special car (and yes, Pete, you should buy it).

Over dinner, one of our SU regulars (and member of the unofficial SU Board) named PT got talking to Wayne, who as it turns out, has owned quite a few Saabs over the years and has a number under ownership right now. In fact, he’s only selling the 900 Aero because he’s just bought another Saab and needs to create some space for it.

The Saab he’s just bought is a 9-3 Viggen and as PT asked him about, it started ringing a few bells – enough for PT to get me involved in the conversation.

Wayne had bought his Viggen in Adelaide, South Australia. What piqued PT’s curiosity was that upon bringing it back to New South Wales and registering the car, Wayne was told that it had previously been written off (the seller hadn’t told him this). The car was inspected and was OK, but the write-off status was curious so PT called me into the conversation.

As it happens, my old Viggen was for sale in Adelaide earlier this year. Those of you who have been around for a while also know that my old Viggen was written off in a track day incident back in 2007.

Could they be one and the same?

We started asking the identifying questions…… Does it have the yellow Koni dampers all ’round? Does it have the Abbott steering rack clamp and brace? And does it have ‘Saab’ badges on it, or ‘Saab Scania’ badges?

Yes. Yes and Yes (Saab, not Saab Scania). It’s a small Saab world.

Wayne had bought my old Saab 9-3 Viggen, which he assures me has been repaired well and is driving beautifully. It came as a huge surprise to both of us, of course, and a bigger surprise still awaited.

I was able to tell Wayne all about the history of the car, including how it had been written off once before I bought it (stupid decision by the insurance company as it was only a minor front-ender). I was also able to tell him about all the work that had been done to it and how beautifully it was running the day I killed it. Apparently it’s still running just as well today.

Here are some pictures of the car as it is now. Wayne’s very happy to have it and I’m very happy indeed to be back in touch with this car again. You never know, I might just have to make Wayne an offer in a year or two 🙂

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