AFP: Saab ready for ‘revenge’

I wrote over the weekend of my feelings towards not only Saab, but the people there and the city of Trollhattan, which is a place I love to visit.

AFP have a nice background piece today, talking about not only the relief people feel at Saab’s renewed operations there, but also of their motivation to get cracking and show what they can do.

“There is really a feeling of revenge, we want to show what we can do,” she told AFP. “It’s pretty unique for a company to survive a year of restructuring and a wind-down.”

To be honest, I think there’s more relief there than a need for revenge, but I do think there’ll be a lot of satisfaction around Trollhattan when newspapers like Dagens Industri and others are forced to write about increased Saab sales and growing Saab markets instead of the drivel that some of them have been coming out with for the last few months.

This one’s definitely recommended reading for those who are interested in the region.

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