Could this be the first Saab delivered to Australia in 2010?

Saab Australia are basically non-existant right now. Officially speaking, Saab is still being distributed by GM here but the head of Saab Oz, Parveen Batish, has been snatched up by Saab Cars North America and in the last few months, he might have actually the been the only person to see any correspondence at GM relating to Saab.

There hasn’t been a car come into the country since early 2009. Dealers were living off old stock for a while but we’re now in a situation where there have actually been several months where the total number of Saab sales in Australia was zero.

I don’t know when regular importation will begin again, but it’s good to see at least one Saab land on the docks…..

This 1972 Saab Sonett III was bought by a Saab nut in Adelaide named Stephen B.

….she’s baby poo green I’m afraid, but hell a finer 70’s colour you’ll never see. OK the Orange is great, but the history of this one was too good to pass up.

Its a 1972, thin bumper car, with factory fitted Air Conditioning. Its only had one owner, and the owner’s widow reluctantly sold it as it wasn’t getting used. I’ve only been able to drive it up and down our driveway so far (it is 100 metres long) but the car goes well, – and will go even better when I finally get the twin barrel Weber back on.

Importing into Australia wasn’t that hard – in fact it was easy. The only problem was I went on the USA shipper’s estimates of the Australian landing fees – how wrong that was! But overall, I am really pleased. I have a car I can go motorkhanaing in and hill climbing, drive the Bay to Birdwood Classic (I already have a 1930 Singer for the real Bay to Birdwood) and its unique in South Australia and not many at all in Australia.

Congratulations to Stephen on the first Saab import of 2010.

Hopefully there’ll be many more in the not-too-distant future 🙂

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