E24: Interest/Sales promising during Swedish dealer launch

E24 have been surveying a few Saab dealers in Sweden following their dealership launch of the Saab 9-5 over the weekend.

As with the dealers we heard from directly, it seems interest, enthusiasm and even sales were quite positive during the activities, despite the Royal nuptials.

The original report at E24. And the Googletrans:


Great interest for the new 9-5 in opening weekend

This weekend the new 9-5 rolled up at retailers around the country, to the delight of all Saab fans. And although the premiere coincided with prinsessbröllopet, there was still great interest if one should believe the dealers who talked to E24.

– We had competition from another big stunt here in Stockholm, they took the opportunity to marry while 9-5 had an introduction. Despite this, we have had good (numbers of) people in our halls in both Stockholm and Gothenburg,” says Lars-Gunnar Jönsson, CEO of Sweden’s largest dealer of Saab, the Swedish car.

It is important that the 9-5 is a sales success for Saab so they can achieve the goal of reaching profitability and triple its total sales to 120 000 cars in 2012.

Saab has been associated with the launch, starting with a large investment in advertising and planning in the second half to add nearly 1.2 billion on marketing.

Swedish Auto gathered over the weekend comments from the approximately 500 people who test drove the new 9-5 at the Company’s various facilities, and it has been generally positive reviews, according to Lars-Gunnar Jönsson.

The driving characteristics, scope, and that it is very quiet to hear the things that potential customers love.

– Of those who test drove, more than half say that they would be willing to buy the car rather quickly,” says Lars-Gunnar Jönsson.

Swedish Auto has already sold a number of new 9-5, but then it often deals with company cars are so few customers take the decision on the spot, says Lars-Gunnar Jönsson.

– We expect to receive feedback in the coming weeks, but there have been quotes sent to customers today,” he says.

Bilpartner, who with his ten holdings largest in the Saab dealer, shows a lot of attention surrounding this weekend’s launch of the new 9-5.

– There has been a much greater interest than expected. Many test runs could not get done because there are a limited number of cars, says CEO Zoran Hagert.

Have you sold any cars?

– Yes, we have done so. There is a backlog already.

Vasteras-based Birch’s Car, which is one of the major dealers of Saab in the country, has sold around 30 new 9-5.

After this weekend’s premiere, it is full speed in writing an offer and new orders.

– Interest has been huge. 99.9 percent were, and I am not exaggerating, really positive. It has been BMW, Audi and Volvo drivers who might not have previously imagined buying a Saab, but that really would consider it, says Thomas Nilsson, brand manager for Saab in Birch’s car.

What have people said about the car?

– Those who drove the car like that it feels a lot less to run than it actually is, that it is incredibly good handling and that it is quiet. Most also think about the design of the car, it exudes “Saab Feeling”.

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