GM go social with Buick

I’ve been doing this stuff for 5 years now and I’ve long been an advocate for car companies engaging with potential buyers through social/interactive media.

That’s why this job opportunity will be a very interesting experiment (for someone, not me).


Social Media Ambassador
Buick (Chicago, Illinois)
Posted: June 21, 2010
Address: Chicago, IL 60610
Occu: Consulting
Type: Temporary

To promote the launch of several new Buick models, this summer General Motors is launching Tweet to Drive, a new take on the traditional test drive. Using Twitter as its backbone, Tweet to Drive will enable consumers to schedule test drives that come to them at a time of their choosing.

To kick-off this program, Buick is seeking three Brand Ambassadors in Chicago who will serve as the in-car Buick representatives during Tweet to Drive. The ambassadors will be responsible for picking up passengers, facilitating test drives, and serving as cultural city guides while answering car-related questions.

Most importantly, Buick is seeking Chicago-based candidates who have a passion and interest in social media from a marketing perspective, have established followings across multiple online platforms (e.g. blog, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook), and are active participants within the professional social media community—being familiar with industry trends (e.g. readers of Mashable) and regularly attending social media events (e.g. Social Media Club, Twestival).

Apart from being social media savvy, ideal candidates must be personable, knowledgeable about Chicago, and comfortable working with multiple contacts. Brand Ambassadors will be supported by internal social media team members working to schedule Tweet to Drives and will take part in weekly team check-ins.

Candidates can submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

• Strong knowledge and interest in social media from a marketing perspective
• Highly active social media participant and experienced Twitter user
• Ability to work cohesively and collaboratively on an integrated program team
• Engaging, outgoing and charming personality; experience working in a consumer-facing role (e.g. retail, restaurant, customer service)
• Familiarity of local market with insight on the best places to eat, cultural attractions, and city history
• Ability to answer questions about Buick’s current model lineup.
• Valid/current driver’s license and clean driving record and job history
• Available 2/3 days a week (business hours) between August – October 2010

• Attend two-day Brand Ambassador orientation and training session
• Work collaboratively with internal team contacts to receive daily pickup schedule
• Pick up passengers at prearranged locations as determined by schedule
• Screen new passengers upon pickup while adhering to the established program Terms & Conditions (e.g. checking for identification, verifying driver’s license, getting legal waiver signatures)
• Facilitate passenger test drive as dictated by established guidelines and Terms & Conditions
• Provide passengers with insider tips of cultural happenings throughout Chicago as well as vehicle information
• Distribute Buick promotional materials; provide special city-specific incentives to passengers as they are made available
• When not driving, update Chicago Tweet to Drive Twitter channel with city-specific events and incentives
• Participate in weekly team calls to report on program progress
• Report any vehicle performance concerns to team contacts, maintain established wash schedule, and ensure vehicle is left in the designated parking destination at the end of each day

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