Hello from Trollhattan!

Hello from your rather tired but very excited correspondent in Saab’s home town, Trollhattan.

It just so happens that I arrived on Sveriges Nationaldag, the Swedish National Holiday. I went for a walk and there was a brass band playing in the town square. Eventually they started marching and everyone followed so all of a sudden, I was in a parade!

I didn’t have my camera with me, but fortunately for me, the parade was halted by the bridge being raised because a boat came through. That gave me enough time to run to the hotel, grab my camera and snap this shot out the window.

It’s not only Swedish National Day today, it’s also graduation night for all the high school students here.

Those of you who were at the Saab Festival back in 2007 would know that that means there’s a whole bunch of flashy cars doing blockies here in town with kids dressed up and getting ready to party the night away.

Click on the following thumbnails to enlarge (one very interesting parade car there in Fjord Blue).

I’ll be sleeping away my jetlag tonight ahead of a day of pre-drive work reviewing the 9-5.

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