Little Saabs for Garmin Satnav

This is cool!

If you use a Garmin portable SatNav device then you might want to consider these downloadable Saabs that you can install on your Garmin unit, and then display as you drive!

From the designer, Thilo:

Hello Steven,

I don’t know if many of the community use handhold aftermarket-GPS units from Garmin, I use a Garmin Nüvi 760 in both the 9000 Aero and the 96V4.

Those who use them may probably be not satisfied with the default cars or those they can download at the Garmin garage. I was not and began to create some of my own cars.

I’d like to share two cars, which should work with the most Garmin Nüvi units (I tested them on the nüvi 760 and 200 unit). The Aero-X is bigger but changes a bit in size when it turns (because of the size limitations of the units)

Here are some screenshots and the cars (*.srf) which should be placed in the \Garmin\Vehicle directory in the gps-unit. Enjoy!

Best regards

You can download both of the images in a zip file here (right click, Save As) and then upload them onto your Garmin nav unit.


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