Monday Morning Snippets

My Loser weekend, where nothing I cheered for went like it should have:

  • Carlton Football Club – lost to a team they should have creamed last Friday night.
  • Spyker Squadron – Early setbacks, therefore didn’t challenge, but did well and stayed in the 24 Hours of LeMans.
  • Mark Webber – Lost F1 driver’s championship lead
  • World Cup – Australia embarrassed by Germany.

If you’ve got some spare cash laying around, I’d be putting it on the Lakers if I were you, because I’m going for the Celtics.


I saw Victor’s PDA last week. It’s been updated quite a bit since February but the premise is still the same: Saab 9X BioHybrid at the front and Saab 96 at the back.

The German journalists sitting at the dinner table with us seemed quite taken by it.


Speaking of photoshopped images, Johan H sent in this interpretation of a potential Saab 92…..


And a few more…..

Andreas sent through a couple of photoshopped 9-5s last week. A 5-door and 3-door hatch for your collective perusal.


Saab 9-5 quick reference guide


Time to get cracking on my additional 9-5 reviews. I hope you don’t mind if I cheat a little on the video, but the combination of poor weather and no driving partner left me wanting for exterior film. I have good alternatives, though.


I hope your sporting weekend was much better than mine. If I meet one of these guys or their compatriots then I think I’m going to shove that stupid plastic horn where the sun don’t shine.

Personally speaking, I think they’re ruining the World Cup as a spectator event. I’ll probably watch three Aussie games and as many Brazil games as I can get up for and that’ll be it.

I couldn’t stand the swarm sound for anything else.

Congratulations to Germany on showing us what a professional soccer side should look like. We looked like kids out there today.

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