Monday morning snippets – Swedish 9-5 launch edition

Good morning all.

I had a better weekend here, following on from a crap week last week. Carlton lost again and the Aussies were ROBBED at World Cup. All of that felt much better, however, after a return to Baskerville for a track day in the Alfa (incident-free this time, lots of fun) and a brilliantly entertaining game (at 4:30) this morning between Brazil and Ivory Coast.

And here’s advance notice – if New Zealand get to the second round, we will invoke an informal Trans-Tasman (dis)agreement and claim the All-Whites as our own, just like we did with Russell Crowe, Crowded House, etc.


It’s been great to read the comments written by Swedes who visited their dealerships for the 9-5 launch over the weekend and scored a drive of the new Saab 9-5.

I’m yet to write up the full People’s Road Test findings, but those comments were a great start to that.


One of my mates from England, Dave R, is visiting Trollhattan at the moment and the guys at ANA in Trollhattan were kind enough to give him drive, even though he’s not a likely prospective customer for their dealership.

Dave came away suitably impressed with the V6 he drove and was highly complimentary of the ANA crew for their hospitality as well as their product knowledge.


Here are some photos from the launch at Roy Andersson Bilbolaget AB, Arvika, Sweden. As you can see, they rolled out a little history to welcome the new kid on the block, which is something I always like to see.

Click to enlarge.

From Örjan at Roybil:

We had a 9-5 Aero 2,8T XWD for test drives and a 9-5 Vector 2,0 Tid Aut as a showcar. People really loved the car.

….also, we had a Saab 96 V4 Super 1980, one of the last in production, and Per Eklund’s Pikes Peak 9-3 with 800 hp. We also had Stig Blomqvist’ss Rallysaab from 1976, a classic 1997 9000 Aero and a 1987 convertible.

Congratulations on the event and thanks for the photos!


Stories in comments indicate that there were quite a few orders placed during the launch event, so that’s particularly encouraging.

It’s just great to see some activity and buzz around Saab dealerships once again.

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