More Saab 9-5 reviews

It’s getting hard to keep up and there are plenty of reviews to go around.

Auto Motor and Sport seem to have an 80 page special feature that you can buy access to for 10kr. It’s got heaps of images and video included.

Aftonposten, from Norway, has posted a review where they say “The car that will save Saab performs so well that it is a good alternative to class leaders Audi and BMW.” …… amongst other things.

They really love the car, actually, giving it five out of six stars and describing the car as being in a class of it’s own.

They do give the thumbs down to feeling a little claustrophic in the back – not because of a lack of space, but because of feeling a little closed in. They’re also a little concerned by the emissions from the quicker models.

I’ll check that stuff out for myself next week.

Whatcar add to the British contingent of road tests with their first review of the new Saab 9-5.

Take the 9-5 saloon, the first of that clutch of new cars. Its platform – including crash structures, running gear and electronic architecture – was commissioned by GM to underscore more than a dozen cars worldwide, including the Vauxhall Insignia.

The engines and transmissions are in widespread use within GM, too, so it’s mostly fine-tuning that differentiates the Insignia and the 9-5.

Personally, I preferred the homework done by Hilton Holloway over at Autocar, with the 70% variance in part numbers between the 9-5 and the Insignia. Much to easy to just tie the cars together.

And then…..

The actual ride quality, and in turn the responsiveness of the car, varies according to the set-up and the size of the wheels and tyres. The 158bhp diesel with standard suspension and 17-inch rims is fairly squidgy, while the V6 with just about every item in the sales brochure is the most alert and comes closest to delivering some steering feedback.

Interestingly, they give the car four stars out of five, so this would have to be the most negative positive review I’ve ever seen.

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