Muller being haunted by Dutch share investigation

There’s nothing to indicate Victor Muller did anything wrong here. It’s not his house being raided, after all.

But the story has surfaced via and it’s a point of interest given his ownership interest and executive positions within Spyker Cars and Saab.

My gratitude to Wulf for the translation (and extra info at the bottom)


FIOD investigates trade in Spyker stock. Muller doesn’t own Saab?

The FIOD (Fiscal Investigation Service) is investigating the stock price of Spyker and a few other companies. Reason: manipulation of the stock price.

The main player in this investigation is Andre K. who helped out the ailing Spyker in 2007 through his company ACI Limited. This company trades in tobacco and liquor and is based in Liechtenstein. The alleged swindler once received 160,000 shares in Spyker as a security of a private loan of one million Euro. According to Andre K., Muller didn’t pay him back in time so he sold the Spyker shares. Muller claims he never received any money from Andre K. and claimed possession of some of Andre K’s property at the beginning of this year.

Andre K. is supposed to have manipulated the stock price through fictitious financial constructions with help from the media. K. responds by saying he’s innocent. He also claims there is no evidence against him and he therefor owns Saab. Is this for real or is K. bluffing? The FIOD searched his possessions and seized his computer, passport and mobile phone. He is required to visit the FIOD in 3 weeks and a judge will decide on the case by Muller against K. in August.

It is difficult for Spyker to break free from shadowy investors and doing business on the edge. Let’s hope Muller will win this case and there will be no consequences for Saab and Spyker. This story will definitely have a sequel.


And here’s a little more background research from Wulf:

I read some more about Andre Kaptein in the Dutch press and he appears to be quite a character. Part of the article in the Telegraaf shows:

It was very busy at the home of Kaptein in the small town of Panningen in the province of Limburg. The small home in an ordinary residential area was searched by many police officers, FIOD agents and justice officers.

Who is this mysterious K., born in Heemstede, looks like a sailor and has a truck drivers license? According to K., he is a very rich man and got his wealth through his company ACI. He sold this company 25 years ago to a holding company in the Bahamas. “I am not going to tell which company” he says. I am still a CEO of this company. He’s apparently in England right now, yesterday in Switzerland and the day before yesterday in Milan. He claims he’s completely innocent.

Muller claims Kaptein is “a psychopath and an idiot”.

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