Name the new 9-5

Here’s a good question that popped up on Twitter a few days ago, courtesy of @elkparts.

The 9-5 is called the 9-5 from a corporate point of view, but what about all those other suppliers and associated businesses who will have to refer to the new model in their literature and sales pages?

For example, the originator of this question, Elkparts, sells parts and accessories for Saab vehicles and typically, the various generations of vehicles are grouped together to make it easier for customers to find parts for their particular model. Consequently, the 900 model has two seperate spots to differentiate between the Classic Saab 900 of 1979-93 (called simply the Saab 900 at Elkparts) and the Next Generation Saab 900 that ran from 1994-97 (called the GM900 at Elkparts).

So what, then, should the new 9-5 be referred to as?

The NG9-5 – next/new generation?

The Indy 9-5 – suggested by Eggs on Twitter, due to it being the first car following Saab’s independence from GM?

The 650 9-5 – referring to the internal model name within Saab for the 9-5?

Your suggestions would be welcome in comments and once we’ve got a good spread, I think a poll will be in order.

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