Could this be the first Saab delivered to Australia in 2010?

Saab Australia are basically non-existant right now. Officially speaking, Saab is still being distributed by GM here but the head of Saab Oz, Parveen Batish, has been snatched up by Saab Cars North America and in the last few months, he might have actually the been the only person to see any correspondence at GM relating to Saab.

There hasn’t been a car come into the country since early 2009. Dealers were living off old stock for a while but we’re now in a situation where there have actually been several months where the total number of Saab sales in Australia was zero.

I don’t know when regular importation will begin again, but it’s good to see at least one Saab land on the docks…..

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GM go social with Buick

I’ve been doing this stuff for 5 years now and I’ve long been an advocate for car companies engaging with potential buyers through social/interactive media.

That’s why this job opportunity will be a very interesting experiment (for someone, not me).


Social Media Ambassador
Buick (Chicago, Illinois)
Posted: June 21, 2010
Address: Chicago, IL 60610
Occu: Consulting
Type: Temporary

To promote the launch of several new Buick models, this summer General Motors is launching Tweet to Drive, a new take on the traditional test drive. Using Twitter as its backbone, Tweet to Drive will enable consumers to schedule test drives that come to them at a time of their choosing.

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Saab Cars North America Launches New Advertising Campaign: Changing Perspectives

Press release from the US with several bits of news. Notable for we Aussies is the move of former Saab Australia chief Parveen Batish to the US.


ROYAL OAK, Mich., June 28 /PRNewswire/ —

* Saab returns to television as a newly independent company
* Ads celebrate Saab’s Scandinavian roots, feature “Move Your Mind” tagline
* Ads to span television, radio, print and online
* Saab introduces four new products in 12 months

Saab Cars North America is announcing its plans for an aggressive advertising blitz. Focused on Saab’s heritage, clean design and efficient performance, the “Change Perspective” campaign celebrates Saab’s return to its Scandinavian roots.

Television, radio, print and online advertising will feature the “Move Your Mind” tagline and help drive sales for the new generation of Saabs in the United States, including the all-new Saab 9-5 coming to dealer showrooms mid-July.

“The ‘Move Your Mind’ campaign concept fits perfectly with the Saab audience,” says Parveen Batish, Saab’s Executive Marketing Director. “Our customers want the quality and performance that come with a premium brand, but they don’t want the pretense associated with some of the established premium brands.”

The Birmingham, Mich., office of advertising agency McCann Erickson partnered with Sweden’s Lowe Brindfors on the advertising.

The television ad, Saab’s first since late 2008, will air during premiere episodes of Bravo’s “Work of Art” and The History Channel’s hit show “Top Shot.” Saab advertising will also run during the Food Network’s competition show “Chopped” and on the BBC and Fox News.

Print advertising will run in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today among other outlets. Radio will air across the national NPR network. Online advertising will appear on premium news and auto properties.

The Change Perspective Web site featuring the new television ad and information on Saab safety, heritage and performance earned the 2010 New York Festivals Gold Award for Interactive Design, Silver Award for Digital and Interactive and Bronze Award for Innovative Advertising.

Saab’s aggressive marketing campaign kicks off as an exciting lineup of Saab vehicles are planned to hit the US market over the next year. The vehicles maintain their rich Swedish heritage and premium engineering, styling and performance capabilities. An all-new Saab 9-3X premium crossover has been added to the current Saab lineup – the 9-3 sport sedan, 9-3 sportCombi and the 9-3 convertible as well as the all-new 9-5 sedan and 9-4X premium crossover to be revealed later this year.

Staying true to their roots, the products feature an all-turbo powertrain lineup with the Aero models featuring a 2.8-litre V6 Turbo Engine with 300 horsepower @ 5,300 rpm and Sentronic six-speed automatic with transmission and paddle shifting.


As mentioned previously here on SU, it’ll most likely be an edited version of the following ad that screens in the US.


Saab 900 Wagon

Those of you who have been around for a little while and possessing good memories might remember my trip out the back of the Saab Museum.

One of the rare cars I was fortunate enough to see was a prototype Saab 99 station wagon, a car that was never built, but made for some curious viewing. It seems someone decided to turn such an idea into reality, employing some wagon-like bodywork to extend the capacity of a Saab 900 hatch.

I don’t know the full story behind this car, but it’s popped up on the Dutch Saab forum recently. Perhaps one of you who speaks the local lingo can provide some background to this most curious of cars?

Click to enlarge.

There are more photos, and a writeup in Dutch at the Dutch Saab Forum.

Saab 9-5 dealer introductions continue (UK and Belgium)

Many of you UK Saabers have probably received your invitation in your inbox already, but for those who haven’t, or haven’t heard about it yet……

The Saab 9-5 dealer launch for the British market is coming up on July 8. The cars are on their way, too. This photo was taken TODAY by a friend of Robin M.

I’ve heard from several people already who are looking forward to getting behind the wheel – and some good compliments about the booking system working pretty smoothly and quickly as well, so kudos to Saab GB.


Whilst the British await their 9-5 drive, the car is being launched in other markets and I got some photos through from a few dealers who have had their events already, with some good responses, too.

Henckaerts Garage, a family Saab dealership for 44 years in Diepenbeek in Belgium, had their launch recently. Here’s a few pics before people arrived.

Click to enlarge.

The observant amongst you might have noticed some cool older metal in the background of that first one.

You know I love Saab dealers embracing the brands heritage, well get an eyeful of these:


Baltic Motors is another dealership in Belgium and they had a very successful launch recently, too.

It’s great to see the effort that these dealerships are going to in order to set up the occasion just right. Fantastic work, and kudos to all of you!

One man’s drive of the new Saab 9-5

It’s only brief, but Daniel B’s drive of the new Saab 9-5 has been written up in comments. I figured it’d be good to share here on the front page.


Anyway, when it comes to the new 9-5 I´d just like to pass on something that happened this last week:

Last weekend I drove to my local Saab-dealer (in Skövde, Sweden). I had some emails with a dealer there regarding the new 9-5 and he welcomed me for a testdrive. I got there at 10 o´clock when they opened and there was quite a group of people already there. The dealer told me that unfortunately, due to having just one car avaliable, and the lot of people wanting to drive, there would be only a very short testdrive for approximately 5 minutes.

I said to him that this is fully understandable and I´m just happy to be able to sit in the car and actually LOOK at it in the flesh.

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About being a Saab owner over the last 10 years

The following was received via email from one of our site regulars, Till72, from Germany. Many thanks.


Hi mate,

I just read your Break notice and had to add my few cents….

……Looking on my own ten year history with Saab I had to make quite a few compromises.

It started with my great 2002 9-3 Turbo Anniversary. There were quite a few gadgets not available, like Xenon and ESP, but still it was the greatest Saab I ever had second only to my current 9-3x.

In 2004 I had to switch to a 9-3 diesel because I was driving so many kilometres and all I got was that 2,2 TiD Opel engine…at a time when everybody around came out with 3,0 diesels. The 9-5 was too big for me at that time. We wanted to wait for the SportCombi but that took too long and my lease ended. With a little help from Hirsch it became a nice car to drive and it did its job well until my 9-3 SC arrived two years later.

In 2008, as we were waiting for our second kid to arrive, we decided that we needed a bigger car. Looking at the 9-5 SC there were again a few things I had to swallow… a 5-Speed Auto instead of 6-Speed, TiD instead of TTiD… But hey, this is a great car.

Not to forget that I’ve been waiting for Saab to introduce XWD ever since. And now that I got a superb diesel engine they couldn’t combine it with XWD.

Bummer? At first maybe.

But in the end every single Saab I have had made me an extremely happy camper. They were unique, drove great, never let me down and I always got it for a reasonable price (before I started to add the Hirsch gadgets). And every single car, taken together as a total package, made me forget the one or two extras I didn’t get with it. And they made me want to never drive anything else again.

I learned that I should not judge a car on paper, but from driving and living with the car. And most of us haven’t driven the 9-5 yet so we are on thin ice. I hope to get to drive it next week so I am a bit more knowledgable about it.

Just a bit more than one year ago we had to face the fact that we might have to buy a car from another brand because Saab might vanish. Just about half a year ago many of us were in the convoys just asking for someone to buy Saab and give us some hope. We were all trying to help where we could. And now we are back to demanding only? We have to hold our breath and think about it for a second.

Stay realistic. Saab is newborn. Completely. They have new models in the pipeline but they don’t have the money to change everything they (and we) might want at once. I’m quite sure there are a lot of things to organise behind the scenes we can’t even think of but that eat up some money, too.

Times will come, hopefully soon, when things get better and there is a wider range of models available. But hey, we’re only at the beginning and only a few months away from a near death experience at Trollhättan.

Rumors like Saab working together with BMW give some hope. And as we are talking BMW, they are a good example for a small, struggling company making its way to be a manufacturer who can afford to be present in all niches they can find. But bear in mind how long this has taken. We’re talking about decades, not months.

Sure there is one way to get a broader range of models in your market a bit sooner. Spread the word that Saab is still there and makes great cars, make people you know buy the cars, buy one yourself, put an ad on your car … Help Saab fulfill their goals as early as possible so they can fulfill some of our more specific demands.

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