Report: Swedish Saab dealers to guarantee Saab 9-5 residuals

This is potentially a very interesting and powerful move on the part of Swedish Saab dealers.

The Local has a report today about the commencement of press drives for the new Saab 9-5. That’s stuff that we already knew.

What’s interesting is this quote at the end of the report from Peter Hallberg, the CEO of the Saab Dealer Network. I’m not familiar with this dealer network or Peter Hellberg so I have to assume is the Swedish equivalent of the Saab dealer council in the US (the presence of which I’m a little more familiar with).

Finance and leasing companies have set very low residual values, or how much the cars are estimated to be worth in three years, on Saab vehicles. However, Saab dealers have agreed to provide a guaranteed residual value for the vehicles.

“We guarantee a value on par with our competitors,” said Hallberg. “This means around 50 percent for volume models. We hope that will eliminate the worries of fleet car buyers.”

That’s going to mean big things for business customers. With lease deals tied so closely to 3-year residual values, the presence of a residual guarantee could mean a much better deal for lease customers.

The combination of good reviews (which seem to be coming out already) and good lease deals could mean quite a bit more fleet business for Saab dealers in Sweden.

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