Saab 9-5 build-your-own configurator for Sweden now online

The global Saab website updated its new 9-5 section earlier this month. Now it seems changes are rolling out to regional sites as well.

I’ve received a heap of email today telling me that the Swedish Saab website now has a Build Your Own configurator online so you can specify your preferred model and equipment and see what it’ll look like, and what it will cost.

Click here to check it out.


I’ll have more official pricing info for you shortly, from around 10 or so markets around the world.


I spoke with people in Sweden about Saab’s websites around the world. As you might know, some are better shape than others.

The response I heard was that Saab’s sites operate largely on GM legacy software and different markets had different levels of service (as I’m sure you’re aware). Saab are currently seeking to unify their global presence, so all countries will have the same basic framework, with information customised to local markets.

It’s a work in progress, but hopefully it should get done some time soon. Mark it down as another part of the carve-out from GM.

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