Saab 9-5 by Hirsch in Denmark

UPDATE: Pause.


I believe there was some stuff in comments about this a few days ago. I just got this spec sheet via email as well (thanks Rayman!), so figured it was appropriate to put something on the front page as well.

Danes who can scrimp together enough to buy a new car (the taxes are killers) have an extra option to choose from – Hirsch Performance.

Click to enlarge.

For those who don’t want to wait…..

The 220hp 4-cyl gasoline engine moves up to 260hp with Hirsch tuning.

The 2.0 TiD engine moves from 160hp to 190hp.

The 2.8T V6 moves up from 300hp to 335hp


I’ll hopefully hear soon if there’s anything else coming for the 9-5 and will post here when information is forthcoming.

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