Saab 9-5 dealer introductions continue (UK and Belgium)

Many of you UK Saabers have probably received your invitation in your inbox already, but for those who haven’t, or haven’t heard about it yet……

The Saab 9-5 dealer launch for the British market is coming up on July 8. The cars are on their way, too. This photo was taken TODAY by a friend of Robin M.

I’ve heard from several people already who are looking forward to getting behind the wheel – and some good compliments about the booking system working pretty smoothly and quickly as well, so kudos to Saab GB.


Whilst the British await their 9-5 drive, the car is being launched in other markets and I got some photos through from a few dealers who have had their events already, with some good responses, too.

Henckaerts Garage, a family Saab dealership for 44 years in Diepenbeek in Belgium, had their launch recently. Here’s a few pics before people arrived.

Click to enlarge.

The observant amongst you might have noticed some cool older metal in the background of that first one.

You know I love Saab dealers embracing the brands heritage, well get an eyeful of these:


Baltic Motors is another dealership in Belgium and they had a very successful launch recently, too.

It’s great to see the effort that these dealerships are going to in order to set up the occasion just right. Fantastic work, and kudos to all of you!

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