Saab Academy: where mechanics go to learn about servicing new Saabs

If I recall correctly, the signs on the wall used to say ‘GM Academy’. That seems like so long ago now.

Today it’s the Saab Academy and it’s where your head service guy (if you’re in Europe) will go to learn how to care for your new Saab 9-5. Other markets will probably have training at a center in their own country, but for the next 7 week or so, European techs will be coming to Trollhattan to learn how to better service these vehicles and take care of their customers.

They’ve got one of each engine variant in the Saab Academy so that the techs can come in and see what they’ll be working with.

There’s a dozen people in each class. The first three days of the week see a three-day comprehensive class take place. The last two days of the week are for groups that have quite a bit of experience with the diagnostic gear used in a wider range of GM brands, so the course is suitably condensed into the shorter time frame.

The cars were complete when I first went in for a look, but they take the cars apart as the course goes on so that they can get a good look – in situ – at all the parts they’ll be dealing with.

There’s a number of shelves on the various benches around the room with individual parts laid out. When they’re looking at the car as a complete unit, it’s handy to have a part you can put your hands on so that you can see it in isolation, as well as attached to the car.

This bench shows a number of black boxes. These are the various computers inside a new 9-5. Not all of these will be in base model cars. The higher the spec of the car, the more computers that are needed for the various electronic systems.

This bench shows everything, i.e. all the computers that would be in a top-spec XWD Aero V6 with eLSD.

This is one HiPerStrut. You can now consider yourself informed.

My thanks to Bengt at the Saab Academy for taking me on a tour around and explaining things that once again, a layman like me has no right to understand.

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