Saab brand strength growing in Sweden

The Saab name took a fair kicking last year and the first few months of this year, thanks largely to GM’s determination to prepare the public for the company’s possible closure.

Of course, Saab didn’t close, and thanks in part to the successful story surrounding its survival the brand seems to rising again in the minds of the Swedish public.

The YouGov brand index is, as the name suggests, a rating of the relative strength of brands in Sweden. A new index has just come out and whilst Saab aren’t at the top of it, they’ve made some significant progress back in the right direction.

The index was last measured six months ago and Saab have climbed 29 places since that last survey, to 57th place over all.

As an aside, Toyota fell 33 places during the same period, sitting at 59th place.

And for those who advocated a Saab buyout by Fiat, they’re sitting dead last at 251st.

The full story, along with the top and bottom 10 brands, are at Ny Teknik.

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