Saab dealer goes vintage – 1968 Saab 95

How many times has a station wagon finished on the podium of a world class rally? Not often, I’d wager. Maybe not at all.

Erik Carlsson drove a Saab 95 wagon to fourth place in the 1961 Monte Carlo rally, and that might be as close as a wagon ever got in a big one. It’s just one of the reasons I love the Saab 95. Another is the fact that it’s the only wagon I’m aware of that had seven seats but only two doors!

John Carter, a Saab dealer at General Sales in West Chester, PA, has just purchased this very tidy 1968 Saab 95 as a weekender for he and his fiancée. It’s a little of a work in progress, but the basics are all there with probably just some paint repair needed to get it looking tip-top.

As you know, I love it when Saab dealers are so into the brand that they purchase an oldtimer. It shows an understanding of the heritage and a commitment to relating it customers and carrying it on.

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Congratulations to John on the acquisition and I hope that on the days you bring it in to the office that it’s a great conversation starter.

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