Saab France to commence operations July 1

We’re relying on a GoogleTrans here, but it seems Saab will be distributing vehicle under their own name in France.

This is from an interview with Philippe Van der Meulen, who is to be the CEO of Saab France.

However, reasons for optimism abound for Philippe Van der Meulen. Beginning with the creation of an autonomous entity France Saab Saab Automobile AB branch under 1st July, which will mark the release of GM fold and freed from many administrative constraints to focus on its priorities: to reassure and win back a distribution network today reduced to 43 investors (against 55 earlier and 70 points of sales) but also regain the confidence of long-term rental plays an essential role in the landscape of high-end manufacturers.

This is just another of the interesting situations as we watch Saab’s worldwide operations unfold under new ownership. Many of us are wondering what form Saab’s existence will take in our countries – a Saab organisation or a wholesaler/distributor taking charge of the brand.

I think France has its answer now.

Thanks to Nabu via comments.

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