Saab Launch Center

The main presentations for the new Saab 9-5 are taking place at the all-new, purpose-built Saab Launch Center at the Saab factory in Trollhattan.

It’s been built not far from the main factory gate, right at the end of the Saab vehicle production line.

There are two meeting areas in the Saab Launch Center. For this presentation, one is being used to seat guests and make the actual presentation, whilst the other (of a similar size) is being used as a refreshments area, as well as doubling as a space for people to talk to the various vehicle specialists that are present at the launch (Safety, Powertrain, Design and Infotainment).

This is the presentation area being used for the 9-5 launch (I didn’t photograph the other side as it’s basically just a big space for the purpose of this launch).

Of course, the big feature of this area is the proximity to the end of the production line. It’s a great illustration of the flexibility of the factory, as today there were 9-5s and 9-3 coming off the line one after the other and visitors to this launch center will be able to witness this first hand.

For the purposes of this launch, when the 9-5 is the main story but Saab’s survival and ongoing work is the second story, this makes for a very powerful illustration.

This launch will be over in a few months from now. They finish the media launch this week and there’s dealer activities, etc.

The Launch Center will remain, however, and it’s future uses will probably be quite interesting. I haven’t heard what they’ll be, but one could easily imagine it being part of the future factory tours at Saab, or a superb meeting venue, or if we dare to dream high enough…… it’d be a great place to take delivery of your new car.

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