Saab sales data: United States, May 2010

Sales data for the United states market has just been dropped off by carrier pigeon and it’s fair to say that May saw Saab dealers continue to struggle.

The first bit of good news is that new cars are arriving at dealerships now. My mates at New Salem Saab in Albany, NY got their first new cars in ages the other day:

The other bit of good news is the slow roll out of new advertising for the brand. One of our regulars and a mate of mine from Melbourne, Turbin, has recently returned from a few weeks in the US and he noted a half-page ad on page 2 of USA Today while he was there.

The big question is when this will all translate into sales. Whilst many 2010 model Saab 9-3s are arriving, including Saab 9-3x’s, a lot of people will probably wait for the new 9-5, which is still weeks away.

We’re all hanging in there, though, so onwards and upwards.

To the sales data……

Saab sold just 174 vehicles in the US during May 2010. That’s still a huge fall from even last year’s mediocre numbers (783 sales) but the situation in the US is still far different from Sweden, where Saab just recorded their first sales rise since 2008.

Saab 9-3………..130 sales
Saab 9-5………..25 sales
Saab 9-7X………19 sales

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