Saturday Night (I think) Snippets: BMW engine edition

First things first…..

I passed on one story about the BMW engine possibility a few days ago and there have been a lot more stories propagating on the web in the last few days.

I got home to a note in my inbox from Saab in the US stating the following:

There are a number of articles appearing today that are discussing a potential relationship with Saab & BMW. This is purely speculation. We indeed are looking for alliance partners but no cooperation has been confirmed at this time. The articles are highly speculative.

Knowing how the web works, it doesn’t surprise me too much that they’re showing up everywhere. As I wrote a few days ago, it really isn’t anything but speculation until it’s confirmed or denied.

This wasn’t a denial, but it was a warning about the speculative nature of the story going around at the moment.


It took 34 hours from the time I left the Launch Center in Trollhattan to the time I walked off the tarmac at Hobart airport this morning.

My brain knows it’s Saturday night, but the rest of me doesn’t believe it.


It’s LeMans this weekend, which means Spyker Squadron is in action once again.

Keep your eyes on @spykersquadron on Twitter and their Flickr account as well.

I could have been there if I wasn’t such an idiot. I had access to a pass and I was trying to work out dates but my stupid brain kept thinking it was in July rather than June.


It’s not often you know exactly where you were when a photo is taken by someone else.

The final group to come through for the Saab 9-5 press launch was a group from Eastern Europe. I wasn’t involved, but I spent my final day in Trollhattan working on my 9-5 review at the Launch Center when these guys arrived.

Late in the afternoon I decided to go for a spin in the Saab Museum’s 1986 Saab 900 T16 (same as my old silver one). As I cruised past the Saab sign in front of the plant, there was a grey Saab 9-5 in front of the Saab sign………..

That’s from a great set on Flickr by a guy named Goran. I didn’t meet any of these guys personally but I saw him around the Launch Center before I left. Great pics, Goran, and I hope you enjoyed your days in Trollhattan.


Writing of the further Saab 9-5 reports will get underway soon. There might be some more video, too.

Thanks for your kind assessments of the material provided so far. I’m pleased so many of you found it useful.

I didn’t want to leave.

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