Site upgrade underway – comments

Hi all,

Just a housekeeping notice here.

I’m currently processing a change to the comments system that will hopefully provide for a more flexible, responsive and engaging commenting experience. The new comment system will be trialled for one month.

Whilst this upgrade is being processed, comments may appear to be missing from the site. This is because they’re being imported into the IntenseDebate system. They’ll be back shortly, and with them will be the ability to sign-in via various methods, as well as comment voting and the ability for you to establish a profile as a commenter here on SU.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully it won’t be long until things are back to normal.

If you’d like to participate with the full experience, you can create an account for the comments system over at Intense Debate that you would use to login when you want to make a comment in future (commenting as a guest will still be available by filling out the comment form as normal).

NOTE: Your comment may not appear immediately as it looks like I have to manually approve them when your ID comes through for the first time.

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