Sponsors: State Of Nine Father’s Day Gift Kit

Site Sponsor State of Nine wishes to advise the following.

Sons, you might want to look into this one for your Dad. And Dads, maybe you want to send this one on to your kids as a subtle hint:

Father’s will appreciate the uniqueness and variety of this gift available only from State of Nine. You will appreciate the convenience and discounted price. The value of these combined items is almost $80 plus shipping, but you can buy it now for just $55!

The Father’s Day Gift Kit includes:

* Limited edition 20th Anniversary Saab Convertible ball point pen
* Saab Travel mug designed to fit in Saab cup holders
* Black “SAAB” embroidered visor
* Saab Griffin lapel pin
* Free shipping for Father’s Day delivery within the Continental US

This present for Saab lovers is only available from State of Nine. There is a limited quantity, so order now. Place your order by noon Eastern on Tuesday June 15th to guarantee delivery for Father’s Day*.

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