Spyker to double current dealer count through Saab dealerships

Another report from Bloomberg Business Week (Ola strikes again!).

This is not too surprising a move because if the dealers are there and they’re in the right markets, then why not?

June 2 (Bloomberg) — Spyker Cars NV, Saab Automobile’s owner, plans to almost double the number of dealers selling its high-end sports cars this year by offering them through Saab outlets, Chief Executive Officer Victor Muller said.

“We are signing up Spyker dealerships left, right and center,” Muller said yesterday in an interview at Saab’s headquarters in Trollhaettan, Sweden.

Spyker intends to boost its dealer network to 60 from 35 in 2010, and to about 90 by the end next year

Muller is very optimistic about Spyker become profitable as a division of the larger company. This is due to the increased sales outlets, as well as shared parts they’ll use under the surface that are puchased thanks to Saab’s higher volumes.

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