SVT: Some Saab suppliers struggling

Two issues here….

Just-in-time manufacturing means most parts aren’t stockpiled at the factory. Instead, suppliers make them and send them in according to the production schedule.

But some of those suppliers downsized their operations when it looked like Saab may not survive, hence their ability to supply Saab has been restricted.

From SVT (Google):

Saab cars are not being produced at the pace that was planned. The reason is that many suppliers of Saab have taken more time than expected to recover from the impending closure of Saab, according to the newspaper TTELA.

A production rate increase was planned take place in June, but has been postponed until July. First it was said that the delay was due to “technical adjustments”.

But it’s specifically for suppliers who stopped developing tools for components for the 9-5, when Saab entered into the liquidation process.

Just another one of those recovery problems, I guess. Things will get better.

Thanks to Jan for the tip!

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