Trollhattan visit – This is Saab 9-5 Drive Day!

Today is Drive Day!

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way (in a new 9-5) to Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, which is where it all starts.

I’ll be joining members of the Irish and German automotive press, so it should be interesting, to say the least. The car is aimed at the Audi A6 and Saab make no bones about this in their presentation. The fun part will be listening to some of the German press’ follow-up questions.

We have a briefing at Landvetter, then a drive to Trollhattan for the presentation that I saw when I was at the launch center yesterday. All the really fun driving on the test track takes place tomorrow.

There will be a number of Saab key personnel at the Saab Launch Center to take questions from the press after the presentation. These will include the big guns in Jan-Ake Jonsson and Victor Muller, as well as key product guys from Design, Infotainment, Safety and Powertrain.

I’ve got most of your questions from the People’s Road Test all ready to go. There’s some I just can’t cover, but I think you should be pretty happy with the outcome.

Tonight there’s a dinner for the press corps, again with some of these big guns. it should be entertaining, especially with the Irish there in force 🙂

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