TTAC on Saab 9-5 pricing

Holy cow!

First are complimentary towards Saab and now I’m going to be complimentary towards an article on The Truth About Cars. What’s the world coming to?!

Michael Karesh runs the automotive website True Delta, which looks at vehicle pricing, placement and surveys subscribers about vehicle ownership and warranty issues (and if you’ve got a Saab and aren’t registered for his ownership surveys, you probably should consider it – more info is better info and his survey’s aren’t demanding in terms of time).

Michael also moonlights over TTAC and he’s put together an article looking at the pricing of both the new Saab 9-5 and the new Volvo S60.

It’s a very good comparison and shows that Saab have actually priced the car on par with their usual target market and below the equivalent German competition.

My advice – stop at the end of the article and don’t proceed to the peanut gallery in comments. As per usual, everyone’s auditioning for a whipcrack comedian job over there.

Thanks to various readers for the tip!

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