Where are you seeing Saab advertising?

Saab are starting their second-half 2010 advertising blitz to support the launch of the new Saab 9-5.

E24 state that they’re going to spend around 1.2 billion SEK on the blitz. We’ve already seen some newspaper ads in the US, Sweden and other places around the world.

I’m just wondering in this post whether you might be seeing ads in places where you might not have expected to see them.

Erik M spotted this one (pardon the pun) on Spotify, an online music service that’s getting bigger in Europe by the day.

Erik thought it was curious as the user demographic for Spotify is most likely quite a bit younger than the general Saab demographic – he’s 20 and has an older Saab 9-3 – and he was wondering if the regular Spotify user would be in a position to buy.

Are you seeing Saab ads in unexpected places?

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