City Saab London bring retro 95 to attract buyers to new Saab 9-5

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I love it when Saab dealers get an older Saab into the showroom. This is the heritage of the brand and they’re such a curiosity that it’s an instant conversation starter for a prospective customer coming in off the street.

If I were king, I’d make it mandatory.

Salesdudes at City Saab in London can currently enjoy talking with customers about what is possibly the only 2-door, 7-seat wagon in history – the Saab 95.

It stands out like a beacon in its Sunset Orange paintwork. The car is owned by Simon C and is on loan to Saab City for the display.

The car is a credit to Simon and any previous custodians as it looks to be in absolutely immaculate condition.

You can check out this car out on Flickr. It really is outstanding.

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