Comments update – ID canned

Hi all,

I’m sorry to be taking up your weekend Saab reading with housekeeping issues, but it’s important to get this right.

Whilst the poll did come out in favour of keeping the IntenseDebate comment system in place, I’ve made the decision to deactivate it. The numbers weren’t significant enough to declare an overwhelming majority. The convincing part of the exercise can be found in the comments section.

  • Frustration with the order of comments.
  • Lack of cohesion with the Recent Comments widget in the sidebar.
  • Comments not working for mobile applications.

They were the biggies from a user point of view. From an admin point of view, I was facing a lot more work approving comments for first-time users and people who hadn’t signed into the ID system at all.

There are a number of advantages to the ID system and I’ll try to source a way of bringing those good features in without having the bad stuff.

I’ve deactivated IntenseDebate – don’t worry, all your comments are still here – and we’re back with the previous system.

Thanks to all who tried ID out and helped with the test period. Your ID logins are still valid if you visit any other websites that use the ID comment system.

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