DI.se: Over 2,500 new Saab cars ordered

It’s good to finally see some positive news coming out of the Swedish press. It won’t always be this way, so best to share it around whilst the good news is there to be heard.

A Googletrans:

Saab-boss Jan Åke Jonsson is pleased with how the new 9-5 has been recieved. “Fantastic”, he says of the reception.

Journalists worldwide have now been allowed to see and test drive the new Saab model 9-5. The car is right now being launched at local dealerships.

“50-60 percent of the dealers have been test driving it and it’s been a fantastic reception”, says Jan Åke Jonsson. As the dealers get their cars first, only a small number of customers have recived the new 9-5.

“But we have an order book for 2500-3000 cars”, says Jonsson.

Saab’s Swedish sales have fallen 24 percent this year, Overall they have sold 3,216 cars in Sweden. But Jan Åke Jonsson explains the loss in sales with the production change that took place earlier.

“If you’re looking at sales right now we only sell 9-3’s, the same period last year we sold both 9-3 and 9-5”, he says. “If you’re looking on the month of June this year, we increased sales of the 9-3 by 42%”.

Disruptions in production at the Trollhättan plant are causing Saab to not yet produce 300 cars per day, but in July the pace is going to be increased. The delays have not made Saab ease the aims of selling 50.000-60.000 cars this year.

“The production targets are set”, says Jan Åke Jonsson.

Also the goal of the loss-making company to show profit and positive cash flow in 2012 stands firm.

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