DI.se – Spyker completes purchase of Saab

UPDATE: English language stories here and here.


According to a story in Dagens Industri today, Spyker has completed the purchase of Saab earlier than expected.


Spyker announced that it has paid $ 24,000,000, approximately SEK 183 million, to General Motors and the purchase of Saab Automobile is thus completed. Spyker took over the money two weeks before the deadline.

Payments to GM would be made by 15 July. But Spyker Cars has chosen to implement the transfer of Saab Automobile now.

Those are the essential bits. The rest of the story is here for the Swedes amongst you.

The purchase was apparently completed using funds acquired in the purchase of Saab GB. DI.se makes a bit of an issue about this.

It’s good to see it done. Onwards and upwards!

Thanks to Tobias for the tip!

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