Heading home

We’re on our way back down under, to sleep in our own bed and pat the dog once again. It’s been great being here in the northern summer (such as it is in England and Sweden) but the time has come to head for home.

We’d like to thank everyone we’ve met along the way for being so friendly, thoughtful and hospitable along the way. I’m used to that level of kindness from Saab people, but it was great for my wife to feel it too.

Thanks to Saab, and Peter Backstrom in particular, for a fantastic Saab Festival. Thanks also to Saab, of course, for their kindness in creating the Saabs United Award, which I hope will lead to more interaction with their customers and community.

Thanks to Par Brandt and his wife Katerina for a great meetup and dinner in Stockholm. Thanks to Christian von Koenigsegg for a brilliant afternoon looking at and driving the world’s best supercar – detailed story still to come :-). Thanks to the staff of the Scandic Swania for everything, as usual. Thanks to Rune and Anna for the great company, likewise Jimmy, Tompa and Carola, Me, Etienne, Golfhunter, Hampus, Alistair and Fiona, and everyone else we met at Friday night drinks at the Swania. Thanks to Mats and his family for a magnificent dinner and a great time – you’re the best VW driver I’ve ever known, mate ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Thanks to my good mate, Dave R and his wife Eileen for a great dinner, along with Elly. I’ve still got to find out what’s in the manbag. Thanks to all and sundry at the Saab Owners Club annual meeting for being so welcoming and having such a great collection of cars. Robin M and others – outstanding work and done to a standard that should be recognised by Saab GB. And last, but by no means least, thanks very much to Mike and Hilary P, for a couple of absolutely grand days seeing the countryside in England and of course, my first ever drive of a Saab Sonett.

If I’ve left anyone off that list, please accept my apologies. We’ve met so many wonderful people in the last three weeks.

Today, we will do a final afternoon of sightseeing in North London with another SU regular, ARUK, in his 9000 Aero. Saab style and kindness right to the end.

From my point of view, writing will be a non-issue for a few days, but I’ll be back on the job shortly after we get home. I hope you’ve enjoyed the SU holiday entries and I’m pleased to say there’s still plenty more to come from both Sweden and England.

Be good to one another.

A few final notes before we go…..

US Saab dealers, get yourselves ready for dealership launches. Cars will be arriving soon. Don’t tell your clients about it the day the cars hit the showroom. Get them ready now.

Also, I don’t know why we had to subscribe to see that US video launch. Actually, I still can’t see it because it doesn’t seem to work on Mac. Who’s running this circus? And why isn’t the whole thing available on a Saab Cars Official media site via Vimeo or some other service?

We’re post GM, people. This is the time we’re supposed to do that stuff better than before.

Welcome to the world, Amelia Jane Johnson, my great-niece, now just over 18 hours old. You’re going to get loved by your grandmother to within an inch of your life so get ready ๐Ÿ™‚

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