Housekeeping poll: Comments at SU

Hi all,

During this week, I loaded up a new comments system, hosted by a plugin called IntenseDebate (ID). I went down this path for a couple of reasons.

First, ID offers some functionality that I really like. For example, comment voting allows you as a user to tell someone who’s acting like a goose, that they’re acting like a goose. The spellchecker is a handy addition as well. On top of that, you can actually build a comment profile and a record that you (and others) can refer to.

Secondly, i’d like to introduce some accountability. People tend to be a bit more measured and thoughtful when they’re signed up as part of a community.

IntenseDebate loads separately from SU, but in the event that it’s running slowly, it defers to the standard comments system within WordPress, so comments will always appear even if they don’t offer the extra functions.

On the downside…..

If I’m to keep ID as the comment server for this site, I will have to get people to register with ID. People who are registered have their comments go straight through. People who comment as a guest (i.e. just filling out the comment form instead of signing in) have to have their comments moderated – and I’m only willing to moderate comments for so long…..


Keep ID – some handy features, but you’ll need to register

Ditch ID – maybe I can bring in some of those handy features via other plugins.

The poll is open now closed. Please cast your vote.

Which comments system should be used at SU?

  • Standard (with suitable functions added) (39%, 68 Votes)
  • IntenseDebate (the system in use now) (62%, 108 Votes)

Total Voters: 174

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And if you want to try out ID, you can register here. When you want to comment, there’s a login button in the comment form and you just use the UserID you set up at IntenseDebate.

Tip: Even if your logon name is taken by someone else on the IntenseDebate system, you can still set your profile to show your preferred display name.

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