Interesting 9-5 info for the UK

This just in, via comments:

The 160bhp TiD is available now with an automatic box, and according to Saab UK the TTiD auto will be available sometime in MY11. The sat nav/DVD/hard disk ‘juke box’ is available free of charge for all retail orders before the 30th September. This is normally a £1200 option.

That entertainment system is a good one…..


And while we’re talking diesels, a friend of mine in England named Mike P has just driven one and sent along his impressions…..

It’s very, very quiet for a diesel. The saying “you wouldn’t know it’s a diesel” really does apply here. Although I was only the second person to drive it so the engine is a tight as a ducks it was still really lively.

The driving position is much “sportier” than the old 9-5 in that the seating position is much lower in relation to the surroundings. More BMW like, I would say. This car was fitted with the optional sports seats which were very comfy albeit a bit harder than mine.

The ride was good but on the firm side considering it was shod with 55 series tyres. As far as I know it was the standard suspension. No opportunity or indeed no intention to throw it around so no comments on the handling. Just felt generally really good on the road.

Couldn’t really make any sensible judgements on economy but it was showing mid 50’s at 70 on the motorway!

The boot is just enormous. The passenger leg room in the back was, I think, class leading. The doors felt heavy (as in quality) & shut with a nice solid sound.

I know that there have been problems with the supply of the original dash panel design but the all black one wasn’t too bad although I think it would benefit from some livening up. I am just not an all black dash person!

Thanks Mike!

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