Midnight Sun Rally update

The Midnight Sun rally is complete for 2010.

The Saabs United Historic Rally Team did well in that they simply managed to finish the event with both cars running. Remember, these were two brand new cars that were only completed in the days before the event and one of our drivers, Vladimir Antonov, was driving in his first rally event.

And then there’s the blown engine and all the drama of finding and installing a replacement overnight.

To the placings, then….

Our #1 Car, the black 99T, with Jörgen Trued driving and Bo Janzon navigating came in 21st position.

Our #2 car, the white 99T with Vladimir Antonov driving and Denis Giraudet navigating came in 23rd position.


A message from Jörgen:

The whole team thanks all the supporters around the globe in making it possible for us to pull off this project. The goal was to finish with both cars in Västerås and we did.

I am so relived now an now I will have a 3 week vacation with the family. There is not going to be any mechanical work during that time

Keep looking in on our website for future plans and updates. This was the finish of Midnattssolsrallyt, but it is also the start of many great things to happen…..

Thanks again and I am sure that i speak for the whole team Vladimir, Denis, Bo and myself!


Saab did well with good connections in other classes, too.

Jörgen’s uncle, Bertil Trued, won his class (Regularity, no tripmeter) in his Saab 96.

Stefan Helin came third in his class (Regularity, with tripmeter) in a Saab 99EMS.

The Historic Class (up to 1000cc) was won by Stefan Segerljung in a Saab 96 850 Monte Carlo

And finally, Kenneth Bäcklund from the Saab Performance Team won his 1600-2000cc D3 category in his Ford Escort RS.


Congratulations to all the competitors and well done to our guys in the Saabs United Historic Rally Team!

And thanks to Thilo for the image, above!

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