Monday Morning Snippets

Site sponsor, STATE OF NINE, have their annual July 4th outlet sale on right now.


Z! has elongated the rear window of his 9-5 Combi Coupe:


What’s going on in England?

Saab 9-5 wheels on a Viggen……

…and then a 9-5 wagon with Viggen-like 5-spokes (Hi Robin!)

Those photos were taken at a local motor show in England, where one Saab dealer rolled out a new Saab 9-5 for show n tell…..


Because sometimes the regular Bugatti Veyron just isn’t fast enough……


My one World Cup gripe:

Shamed Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez received a one-match ban on Saturday for his handball against Ghana, meaning he could still play in the World Cup final if his countrymen can see off Holland in the semi-final.

He should have been shipped home. Doing it was bad enough, gloating about it afterwards was criminal. The guy is a dog and a one game penalty just goes to show how much this game needs to be cleaned up at the official level.

It was a very sad weekend for World Cup tipping. Being the superficial soccer watcher that I am, I was cheering for both Brazil and Argentina.

I’m not sure what the Dutch win says about them, but the Germans were incredible. If they can beat Spain……

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